What's New

May 2017 Updates
  • Added sellers info with price tracking
March 2017 Updates
  • Variations added to forks and rotors
October 2016 Updates
  • Performance improvements
  • Layout improvements for tablet and mobile
September 2016 Updates
  • Updated report error button
  • Removed contributor info for now
  • Small bug fixes
July/August 2016 Updates
  • Tablet layout updates
  • Search result default to recent parts. Uses date added as secondary sort
  • Small bug fixes
May 2016 Updates
  • Added ability to review parts. Recommend or not recomment
  • Added ability to log in using your Google or Facebook account
  • Added intended use to bike parts
March 2016 Updates
  • Added ability to compare parts
  • Improves part filtering in browse section
  • Added frame rendering based on the geometry data.
February 2016 Updates
  • Added Contact section and ability to report wrong data
  • Added Top and Trending parts
December 2015 Updates
  • Revamped browse section. It allows users to use filters
November 2015
  • Initial Alpha version of CrankedBase. Only 100 parts added.