Fat bikes are known for using larger tires but that also means they use larger tubes, and they weight more. Most fat bikes can shred some weight by changing the tubes in their tires.

We spent some time looking at different tire weights offered by different brands and we were surprised by how much difference a tube can make in the bike’s weight.

Brand Model Valve Weight (in grams)
Surly .9mm XC 26×3.0/4.0 Presta 555
Surly 1.0mm Presta 490
Stock Mukluk 3 tubes 26″ Presta 400
Surly 1.3mm Presta 388
Specialized 26×2.3 – 3.0 Presta 290
Q-tube Stock 26×2.4/2.75 Presta 287
Q-tube Super Light 26×2.4/2.7 Presta 259

Consider Converting to Tubeless

Some of the newer carbon fat bike rims are tubeless ready but keep in mind that most aluminum rims available are not technically tubeless ready, but they can easily be converted. You won’t depend on fat bike tubes anymore and it will save some weight.

Here’s a setup video

Just don’t forget to carry an extra tube and a pump if you convert to tubeless. Pumping a fat tire tube will take a considerable amount of time, though.

How to change a fat bike tire

Changing a tire in your fat bike isn’t much different than on a regular mountain bike. You need a set of tire levers, a long pump and some patience. Here’s a simple instructional video on how to change a tire.