Great Flat Pedals for Mountain Biking

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For flat pedal users, picking the right pedals usually means going through more than a few in order to finally decide on the ones you finally feel the most comfortable with. You also need to consider the platform size, weight and of course the price. We won’t be able to tell the one that will fit you the best but we will definitely give you a good starting point.


There’s a reason why you see so many riders using Race Face Atlas Flat pedals on the trails. They offer superior grip, excellent design and durability. Platform size is 101x114mm and they weight around 355 grams.



At 362g, the Spank Oozy are a very well built platform pedal set with a sealed cartridge bearing and a 100mm x 100mm usable space. One of the lightest listed. A titanium upgrade kit can lower the weight sub


Crank Brothers Stamp

The Crankbros Stamp pedals come in two sizes and they are definitely one of the lightest sets you can buy at this price point.



It’s hard to beat these pedals at this price point. The V12s may not be the best polished and light as some of the more expensive ones, but they compare really well against the Shimano Saints MX80s.


Deity Bladerunner

The Bladerunners have a platform size of about 103x100mm, come with 10 traction pins per side and weight at around 370 grams. They are a very thin, light and easy to clean pedal set.



The Hope F20 is a lightweight pedal set at 390g the pair. It has 10 replaceable pins per opposite side


Shimano Saint MX80

The Shimano Saint MX80 are an excellent entry level flat pedal set very well priced. They have 9 pins per side and can be installed with or without spacers depending on your preference. The downside, they weight 500 grams.


When deciding on flat pedals riders focus on different features, like the grip the pedal offers, the weight or the platform size. Make sure you get a chance to test a few and find out the ones they best fit your shoes and wallet.

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