Best 11 Speed Mountain Bike Cassettes

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Shimano M8000 Cassette

Cassettes – not the plastic box with a magnetic strip to play Purple Haze – the series of cogs and gears that collectively make a range of gearing for your bike. What makes one better than the others? Below are 11 of our favorite cassettes for your diverse demands and budgets.

Hope 11 Speed Cassette

With up to a 10-48 range, Hope’s 11-speed cassette requires a proprietary Hope freehub body. The smaller seven sprockets are milled from a single billet of steel while the larger four are milled from a single billet of aluminum, making for a great balance of toughness and weight.

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e*Thirteen TRS Plus 11

Boasting a 511% range, the TRS Plus 11 Speed Cassette from e*thirteen impresses with a 9-tooth cog, beating out SRAM Eagle for range of gearing. The cassette also has a variety of replacement parts for the entire cassette which means replacing only the worn parts without replacing the whole cassette.

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e*Thirteen TRS Plus Race

The bigger brother – err – lighter brother to the TRS Plus, the TRS Race comes in at 36 grams lighter than its counterpart. Just as impressive but in a race-ready package. Your wallet will weep for this solid, craft cassette.

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e*Thirteen TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit

Not just a cassette, this upgrade kit from e*thirteen allows you to upgrade your current 11 speed SRAM drivetrain to a modern 12 speed system without the need to upgrade the rest of the drivetrain. By upgrading from an 11 speed drivetrain, you can save more weight and have more range than Eagle! Oh yeah- minus the MSRP of the cassette, the kit only costs $20, however, the kit includes the cassette as standard. It is worth noting, however, that if you already have a 12-speed system the cassette is available for purchase on its own.

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Ztto MTB 11 Speed Cassette 11-50t

Not everyone is made of money. Carbon this and titanium that just isn’t necessary for those of us not racing bikes for a paycheck. This budget option found on Amazon will do the trick. The money spent on a TRS Race Cassette could buy seven of this off-brand version.

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microSHIFT G113

Using a combination of steel cogs for the smaller gears and aluminum for the larger gears, the microSHIFT G113 cassette has you covered for the long run. With a 11-46t range and a plain black look, there isn’t anything crazy about this cassette, but it has claims of having “straighter cogs” because of the continuously molding of the cogs rather than being stamped out of steel.

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Sunrace CSMX80

There are many different models of what is essentially the same cassette from Sunrace. For now we will be looking at the lightweight version of another budget-ish option, this time from Sunrace. The CSMX80 comes in 11-46 and 11-50 ranges and should set you back about $80.

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Shimano XT M8000

The Shimano XT M8000 is a tried and true 11-speed cassette that comes in at just the right balance of price, weight, and durability. With a range of 11-46t, this 11 speed cassette comes close to the ever-so-low ranges of SRAM’s Eagle drivetrains at a considerably lower cost than the upgrade to a 12 speed drivetrain.

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The SRAM NX PG-1130 is another option for a utility-oriented 11 speed cassette. The JET corrosion-resistant finish is sure to keep you pedalling for hundreds of miles on the same cassette. While it may not be lightest option, this offering from SRAM sits right in the sweet spot for a bang-for-your-buck cassette, much like the rest of the NX groupset.

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SRAM XG-1199

The most expensive 11 speed mountain bike cassette I could find, the Sram XG-1199 XX1, isn’t even blinged out with gold like its 12 speed bigger brother. Also- at only a 10-42 gear range, this isn’t going to be the largest range cassette, but it is the lightest.

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Shimano SLX M7000

SLX M7000 Cassette

Sometimes you just need a part to get the job done and don’t want to pay more for marginal returns. In that case, the Shimano SLX M7000 would be your ideal cassette. Save a couple bucks on this cassette and put it toward a beer after your next ride. You’ll probably appreciate the brew more than the weight savings.

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